Carousels and Ferris Wheels

Carousels and Ferris Wheels

This image, of the ferris wheel and carousel of Navy Pier in Chicago, is very much an “Instagram picture” to me. Pictures as wide, expansive scenics don’t seem to pop up on the photo-sharing site much, but close-up pictures of food, a city in all its glory, or detailed images like that above seem to dominate my feed. (I follow about 100 people on Instagram, from friends and their personal images to professionals and their current projects.)

I’ll be curious in the years to ahead where photography goes. In the past ten years film photography has all-but-died. Now Nikon and Canon — the two big players in the industry — are pushing bigger, sexier cameras. Their iconic cameras run for a couple of thousand dollars, as does the lenses that go with them.

As society evolves and cameras get easier to operate and smaller to carry around (nearly everyone’s phone has a camera now, and that they carry in their pockets each day), will more people shy away from spending $2,000 for a camera, when a $300 will do just fine? Will only a few old timers carry the big, bulky cameras and their cumbersome lenses, while the kids have the quick and fast pocket cameras? At one point do those kids become “old timers” and still use the small, inexpensive cameras?

While the legacy camera manufactures make fancier gear (36 megapixels, anyone?), will they ever get into a situation like film has become, where no one is buying their product because it’s easier and cheaper to get something dramatically smaller and lighter? Will Nikon and Canon adapt, or will they go the way of Kodak?

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