Two Branches Meet

Two Branches Meet

This is Wolf Point in Chicago.

Since I’ve taken this picture in 2010, the spot in which I stood has been completely reworked and the railroad company is building something fancy. Also, as I was taking this picture, over my left shoulder are a number of high-rise condos with a spectacular view down the Chicago River. At Wolf Point (the tiny tree-filled knoll on the waters edge, to the left of the image), a development company has decided to pull out its parking lot and build another high rise condo — thus blocking the view those over my shoulder have. Everyone has decided to go to court and sue to slow things down (or kill projects all together), but I’m glad I was able to sit and spend an evening watching the sun set down the river.

A year or two later ¬†went back for sunrise hoping to get an image of the sun blazing down the river, but my calculations were wrong and the sun perked up between some buildings. I never made it back to try the picture again, and if I don’t go soon, my chance may be lost forever. As long as I avoid the ongoing railroad construction, of course.

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