Tribune Towers Over Regeneration

Tribune Towers Over Regeneration

On the Michigan Avenue bridge spanning the Chicago River, there are four sculptures on each of the four bridge houses. One represents discovery, one represents the pioneers early to the midwest, one represents defense in the 1812 Battle of Fort Dearborn, and on the Southeast corner, Regeneration depicts life in Chicago as the city rebuilds following the fire of 1871.

One of the fun footnotes of this bridge is the Southwest bridgehouse has been converted into a museum, which allows people to learn the history of the Chicago River and its bridge houses. Somewhat nifty is one can climb to the top to see the size of the workspace and down to the bottom to view the gear room.

During the spring and fall, when the bridges are raised to allow boats to travel up and down the river, tourists can also sit in the gear room to watch everything work as the bridge does its thing.

I’ve been in the museum and it is a fun-yet-quiet history lesson of Chicago in the middle of one of its most crowded areas.

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