Sunshine, Dog Walking and Chicago Skyline

Sunshine, Dog Walking and Chicago Skyline

The temperature has plummeted here in Chicago. When we first got our dog it was late-June and the temperature was damn-near perfect. Throughout summer it was easy to take her for a walk, as my biggest decision came with deciding between wearing a baseball cap or not. Now, with winter temperatures blasting in, the morning walks with the dog are slightly more complex.

My wife and I picked up one of those jacket puppy can wear, not to mention I had to find some gloves and hats for myself, as well. The first day puppy and I went for our morning walk in the 30-degree temperatures, I’m pretty sure she didn’t like the frozen blades of grass. So there we were walking along the sidewalk;¬†puppy was in her jacket and I’m dressed up like “Nanook of the North.” It made me think back to the above picture of two women walking a dog along the shores of Lake Michigan. The skyline is slightly obscured because there is so much haze in the air. I don’t recall the exact temperature, but I do remember it being super-hot on the day I took this picture.

After a couple of cold morning walks, that super-hot summer day seemed so long ago.

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