Colorful Tree

Colorful Tree

This has been an extremely strange autumn. In years past, the colors of the leaves seemed to peak around the first weekend of October, but we’re fast approaching week three and those colorful leaves still seems a few days away.

Last week I drove up in to almost Northern Wisconsin from Chicago and it was beautiful to watch the trees go from green, to a little colorful, to extremely colorful during the course of the five-hour drive. However, this weekend I visited my parents in rural Wisconsin and the trees there went from green leaves to leaf-less almost overnight. The southwest corner of Wisconsin struggled through a hearty drought, while the midwest portion of the state got steady rain throughout summer. The result was some places have colorful trees this fall, while other regions fall into the “not so much” category.

To gauge colors, I’ve been using The Weather Channel’s “Fall Foliage Map” for the last few years. The website seems to be only updated weekly, but it still gives a good idea of when to expect the trees to present their best colors.

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