Lakeshore Drive and Chicago Skyline

Lakeshore Drive and Chicago Skyline

Last week I went out late in the day to shoot some images of Chicago‘s skyline at “blue hour”. Blue hour is the period of time after the sun sets but before the sky goes black. It is usually a window of less than an hour after sunset, when the sky turns a wonderful dark blue. (The same effect happens in the morning shortly before sunrise.)

For awhile I had wanted to seek out a location for trying to show some “motion blur,” in this case cars driving by on Lakeshore Drive. Several years back I took pictures from this same location during the Chicago Half Marathon, and thought it would be good this time around.

Turns out, it was. The pedestrian bridge at 35th street is just the right height and not encased in chain-linked fencing. I had a platform that covered eight lanes of traffic and five or six lanes of railroad tracks, both offering unique looks at Chicago‘s skyline.

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