Water Droplets and Spider Webs

Water Droplets and Spider Webs

While taking the dog for a walk one morning last week, I realized there was a lot of dew on the ground. Since the puppy didn’t want to go back in the house, I decided to come outside and let her roam around in the yard while I took some shots with my camera.

Originally I started shooting the one or two water droplets on a blade of grass. Eventually, puppy was curious what I was doing at there went my photography subjects. After getting up from laying in the of the wet grass, I began slowly wandering around the yard, looking for anything else that may catch my eye.

In our strawberry planter was a small spiderweb criss-crossing the top portion of the now dormant plants. I was fascinated by all of the droplets caught in the web and happy to have my camera in my hand. I spent about a half-an-hour in the yard shooting things here and there.

Considering I probably wouldn’t have noticed the dew had the dog not been taken for a walk, and also considering that I don’t normally look in the top of the strawberry planter for spiderwebs, I was pleased with how everything unfolded, and how one event led to another.

It’s nice when it works out like that.

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