Navy Pier and the Chicago Skyline

Navy Pier and the Chicago Skyline

Late last year I went up in a helicopter to shoot some images of Chicago. My main goal for this session was to go up and get some shots of the city looking back from out over Lake Michigan.

I took a fairly early morning spin in the helicopter to have the sun on the correct side of the buildings I wanted to shoot. (I wanted the sun to be behind me, shining over my shoulder as I shot the majority of the images.) It was a chilly early-autumn day, so I hung out the side of the helicopter shooting away, while my pilot was bundled up in a sweatshirt zipping us over the long stretch of Chicago shoreline.

Later this year I’ll be going up again, but this time focusing more on the actual city and the view from above, rather the view from a quarter mile out over the water. I am constantly amazed and how much the look of a city can change from a few stories up or down, or a few blocks over in either direction.

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