Ahu Tahai Sunset

Ahu Tahai Sunset

On a few of the days my wife and I spent on Easter Island, we woke up in the morning and jogged from where we were staying, along the ocean, and over to Ahu ¬†Tahai. It was exactly two miles round trip. (I’d probably go running every day if I had a route like that, but alas, in my Chicago neighborhood, there is no ocean, nor a centuries-old historical artifact to run to.

Before getting ready to head to the airport, my wife and I decided to go on one last run, to really get the blood flowing before the 22-hour journey home on an airplane. One of the few times we decided not to bring any cameras (point-and-shoot, fancy DSLRs, cell phones, etc.), we started our shoreline run to Ahu Tahai under sunny skies. As we approached the moai, a looming cloud came in and large drops of rain began falling down on us.

As quickly as the rains came, they then disappeared out over the ocean. Perfectly positioned behind the moai was probably the most crisp and beautiful rainbow my wife or I have ever seen. I turned to her, she turned to me, and we both looked down at our empty hands. No camera.

Oftentimes our favorite memories from our travels cannot be documented with a camera. Be it an exchange at a small farmers’ market, or an interaction with locals. Also included in that is sometimes I want to enjoy the moment, so I don’t raise my camera and fire off some frames.

Besides, in the end, it was more fun to think of Easter Island saying its own special goodbye to just us, because we didn’t bring any cameras.

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