Boat, Tower Bridge and Olympic Rings

Several years ago I found a great couple of lines in a magazine and promptly tore it out to forever hang on my bulletin board: “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Travel is like an investment in yourself. It transforms you and makes you more interesting, more fun, more understanding.

Damn right.

Last week, my wife and I booked flights for Easter Island. I’m particularly excited about Easter Island because it is the first time I can remember learning about some far away land. (Far away, indeed. Easter Island is 2,182 miles (3,512km) off the coast of Chile. From Chicago it is 19-hours of fight time, excluding any layovers.)

When I was in third or fourth grade, I watched one of those slow-paced National Geographic documentaries showing the ancient and enormous monumental statues, called moai. At the time and with growing up in rural Wisconsin, it was absolutely fantastic. I filed Easter Island away in the back of my head under the category of “some day.”

That some day will be coming up before too long, and I’ve very, very excited.

In kind of a weird, roundabout way, Easter Island got me kind of thinking about the first call I received about working the Olympics. Among my co-workers and me, covering the Olympic games is kind of the holy grail for a variety of different reasons. So, after getting settled on the plane to fly to London for the Olympics, I ordered a glass of wine and made myself comfortable. I remember being really excited about where I was going and what I was doing … much like planning for our next adventure to Easter Island. The island is one of the most remote regions on earth, and also one of the most mystical.

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