Cricket in the Park

If you’ve kept up with my photography blog over the last few months, you’ve probably noticed it stumble along here and there. About mid-December I stopped posting images altogether, only to throw a couple up in January, one in February, and by the end of March, get back to posting with some sort of regularity (albeit, twice a week).

I like the new system, although I’m not sure what “system” it really is.

Over the last two years and posting an image a day, at times I felt I was handcuffed because it became a “quantity over quality” issue, and I really didn’t like that. Additionally, I had a lot of things I’d rather be doing, but never got around to them, as I had to keep up on blog posts. One of those things was posting more of my images to my stock photography archive at iStockPhoto.

I hadn’t updated my stock portfolio in awhile, and since my blog makes no money, and stock photography provides a little, I wanted to post a few images there. (“Stock Photography” is where a photographer will sell an image to whomever wants it for whatever they want it for. Sometimes the image is for a national advertising campaign; other times it is to be a corporation’s cover for their annual report. I feel like most stock photography goes toward other people’s blog posts, since the images can be licensed for a few bucks here and there. There isn’t much money is stock photography. The true money comes from having a plethora of images available for license.)

Stock photography is pretty particular because they don’t allow any company logos or recognizable faces. Some images, like the aerial photos of Chicago I took in October of 2012, do well as stock images; pictures like the one above don’t because you can make out the kids’ faces.

Regardless of whether the picture is “sellable” or not, I really like the image above. My wife and I sat for about an hour in the park of Delhi, India chatting with children of all ages playing cricket. I snapped a few images of them playing cricket, and they kindly offered to allow me to play with them. While it would have been awesome, I was terrified of completely making an ass of myself and politely declined the offer.

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