Beautiful Beach Seating

As my wife and I travel, we seem to “Go! Go! Go!” to explore and experience all we can. As a result, by accident, we found a new tradition in our travels that we’ve really come to love: Finishing at a beach.

Ending our three-week trip through Asia, we finished with the adventure with a three-night stay in Bali. It was beautiful temperatures and we got a nice, toasty sunburn before heading home.

After spending two weeks in India, Nepal and Bhutan, my wife and I stopped for a few nights in the United Arab Emirates. It was fantastic to spend a full day at the beach making every effort to avoid another sunburn for the trip home. (It didn’t work; I still got burned.)

As we plan our next two-week adventure for later this year, we’re exploring beaches in South America that we can wrap up our trip at.

Hopefully this time I really do avoid sunburn!

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