Columbia Yacht Club

As another one of the images taken from the day up in a helicopter, this has become one of the photographs I really, really like. I’m not really sure why, but perhaps it has to do with a fun view of the city of Chicago.

Taken with a the fish-eye lens, everything has a little bit of a curve to it, but the buildings still manage to stand tall and proud. Additionally, the boats in the harbor prevalent, as are the buildings of the beautiful skyline. Everything is a little bit more compressed.

I thought of posting this picture while I was working on various greeting cards last night. I hand-make cards and then sell them in local shops. (Shops which a very good friend of mine owns.) I was looking to upgrade my cards a bit this year, since Chicago cards seem to always sell the best, and thought I’d include this image.

Early on in my card-selling endeavor, my mom cautioned I may be surprised at what sells and what doesn’t. Boy, was she right.¬†Some of the cards I like the best sit on the shelf and never move. Other cards, which I’m almost embarrassed to have included, have flown off of the shelf. Chicago cards, no matter the subject, seem to always do well.

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