Ice Skating at the McCormick Tribune Ice Rink

We hit 69°F in Chicago yesterday. When I opened up my photo program to look for an image for today, I very quickly came upon this picture. For some reason, I felt like this would be a good photograph to post.

Yesterday would have been a fine day to ice skate in downtown Chicago, with one of the world’s greatest skylines as your backdrop. No need for big, thick, winter coats or toasty hand warmers, just strap on some ice skates and go!

One of the best parts of ice skating in downtown Chicago, aside from the view, is the ice skating is free of charge. There is only a fee to rent skates, and even then, it isn’t too expensive. Ice skating at the McCormick-Tribune Ice Rink is a fantastic opportunity for locals and tourists to enjoy a fun outing in a spectacular setting.

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