Rockport, Maine from Above

Autumn has come and gone here in Chicago, and it seems like it flew by (as it always does). I got up in a helicopter, but I had to go up a day or two earlier then I wanted because the weather was turning sour quickly. Cold mornings with howling winds don’t do well at keeping leaves on the trees, regardless of their color.

While going through pictures in various folders, I came upon this photograph, taken high up in Rockport, Maine’s Mt. Battie. I had gone to Maine at just the right time, right when fall colors were at their peak. Additionally, it had been an exceptionally wet late-summer, so scientifically speaking, trees tended to have more color than usual.

So as much as I can try to time out a helicopter shoot (booking it the day before), a lot of times photography is about luck and shooting the weather. This particular trip to Maine was booked several months out, when I had no idea of the weather conditions I’d be shooting in. Sometimes it is better to be more lucky than good.

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