Crossing Lights and Fast-Moving Trains

Trains always seem to fascinate me. If I had to guess, perhaps it is the hours upon hours I spent in the basement as a kid playing with my train set. Every-so-often, my father, brother and I would head to the weekend train show to see what we could find.

My train set is currently boxed up in my parents’ basement waiting for my kids to play with. I’ll be curious if they have an interest in them, and how much I play with them more for my own enjoyment than spending time with my kids.

Every year my wife and I donate a number of toys to the Marine Corps and their Toys for Tots campaign. Last year I found a fantastic toy train set and spent far more on it than I should have. I was probably reliving my childhood vicariously through someone I don’t know, and won’t ever meet.

But it was a pretty cool train set.

(1313) 1011.

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