Old Technology and New Technology

I realized  I haven’t done many pictures from Egypt in my little daily photo post. I’m not sure why, since I spent nearly two weeks there, but I seem to rely heavily on Chicago and Wisconsin pictures in this space (which really isn’t surprising since I live in one and grew up in the other). Anyway…

The above picture is a perfect example of timing.

While touring through Egypt, my friend and I stopped at a small facility making fine Egyptian rugs. While we were getting our stuff and getting ready to head inside the building, I noticed a small donkey-fueled buggy approaching. I stalled a bit and waited to take a picture of the passing cart. I held my camera to my face before the cart spotted me (I wanted to be stealth and looking like I was taking pictures of other things, not blatantly waiting to take a picture of them). As their donkey-pulled cart approached, I stood poised and ready to go. I fired off one shot, and looked at it after they passed.

At the time, I did not see the truck race by in the background, but it is amusing to me how much I think it makes the picture. The bright colors; driving in the opposite direction; the perfect framing. I couldn’t have timed it any better, and sadly, I didn’t time it out at all.

I guess it’s a fine example of being more lucky than good.

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