Olympic Rings on the Tower Bridge

Yesterday I was talking with a friend I worked the Olympics with this past summer, and we were surprised to see how quickly time has flown by. It seems like forever-ago that we were in London, and here it is only 90 days since. I realize time marches on, but with the incredible experience the 2012 Olympic Games were, it’d be nice to have held on to them and enjoyed them a little bit longer.

I guess it’s good we, as a society, take pictures when we do fun things. Cell phones now insure that we pretty much have a camera with us at all times, and those pictures help up remember events. Be it a father teaching his son how to ride a bike, to a group of friends downing a round of shots at the bar. Pictures help us remember things that we may otherwise forget.

Alternatively, if several rounds of shots have been consumed at a bar, it’s those pictures that won’t let us forget things we’d rather not remember.

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