Band of Children

Traveling through the small, mountainous country of Bhutan, my wife and I found ourselves in the super-tiny village of Sopsokha. There are, probably, less than a dozen homes in Sopsokha, one restaurant, a rafting company and a number of rice fields.

We arrived in Sopsokha by car, had lunch at the one restaurant and then hiked our way to the Temple of the Divine Madman. On our walk back, we passed a nearly-dilapidated house and I noticed there were five children playing in back. They had various metal things in their hands and were making their way towards the main road, which is where we were walking.

For a brief moment, I was curious if the kids were up to no good, but then quickly realized they all had various “instruments” in their hands and they were making music as they walked. Their instruments were nothing more than sticks and parts of metal pipes, but it didn’t matter to them. Their instruments made noise and other kids came out of their houses to see what was parading by.

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