Father and Daughter

While traveling through Bhutan, our guide (whose name is Choki) asked my wife and I if we’d like to stop by an old, traditional farmhouse. She knew it would be a fantastic photo opportunity for me, and she also knew my wife would enjoy the time as well. Saving the fun story of our visit for another blog post, this weekend I received a nice e-mail from our guide.

I had printed the pictures up of the family we visited as 5×7 and 8×10 pictures and shipped them to the tiny, mountainous country. Our guide’s husband worked at the post office, so he found the envelope and brought it home to give to her. The next time Choki was passing through the area, she stopped to drop off the photos. The process took about four months to complete (a month of which was probably just getting to Bhutan), but it was fantastic to get the good word the other day: The photographs reached their final destination.

I’m not sure what the family will do with the photos, if anything, but it is always nice to have decent pictures of oneself, and I proud to have provided them.

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