Spinning Windmill Under Bright Stars

Standing outside on a cool summer’s night, I was trying to take decent pictures of the various windmills surrounding Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. The windmills aren’t without their share of controversy, but for my sake, I was happy to find one nearby without the bright, red beacon blasting from the tip.

I really wanted to capture the windmills with stars in the background, and the blazing red beacon wouldn’t have been too ideal for what I was looking for. There is also something to be said about parking in the middle of a corn field watching a massive tower slowly turn in the night sky. As each car would pass by, I would hope it wasn’t a police officer, or worse-yet, the land owner, wondering what the creepy guy was doing in the middle of a corn field.

It wouldn’t be the first time I got in trouble with the police for taking pictures, but it’s still something I’d like to avoid none-the-less.

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