Dilapidated Pier at Sunrise

Earlier this year I made my way to Evanston, Illinois and to shoot the sun rising behind an old, dilapidated pier along the shore of Lake Michigan.

When I arrived it was pitch-black outside, which made stumbling on a family of raccoons far more exciting than it should have been. I gave the raccoons plenty of room to decide what to do as I slowly set up my tripod. Eventually the furry family scampered away, and I moved around looking for the best position to shoot the sunrise.

After some time of sitting around and shooting a few pictures, waiting a couple of minutes for the light to change, and then shooting some more pictures, the sun started to peak above the horizon.

I like the way this picture turned out, with the bright sun breaking up the image. The dark, old pier is split by the sun’s reflection, and the bright blue sky gives the photograph some additional cover.

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