Milan’s Little Venice

This is, apparently, where a lot of the better restaurants are located in Milan, Italy. The district is referred to as “Little Venice,” because all of the restaurants lining the canal.¬†While my wife and I slowly wandered up and down the waterway scouting restaurants, I realized it wasn’t full of tourists, as so many of these types of places can be.

It made for a beautiful evening of dining and people watching.

We ended up getting dinner near the footbridge farther down. The entire night I watched (out of the corner of my eye) a man try to sell “rubber band helicopters” to the passing tourists. One man bought one and promptly launched it onto the roof of a nearby house. A bit later, even the man selling them fired one into the canal.

It is dinners like these where I really, really enjoy travel; being able to sit and watch society stroll by is a wonderful thing. Being able to sit and watch society stroll by with a fine glass of wine is an even more wonderful thing.

(1912) 0812.

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