The markets in India are a fascinating place. From the major cities like Delhi and Agra to the smaller towns and villages, there is so much to see and experience. I prefer the food and vegetable markets because the shopkeepers will smile and wave, occasionally practice their English, but by-and-large let my wife and I wander around and explore without issue. The markets selling clothes and souvenirs are a bit different, however.

The shopkeepers selling wares will physically block our path trying to get us to look in their store. Sometimes they’ll grab as we walk by, but mostly they’ll nearly BEG us to stop in their market stall. I’m not a big buyer of clothes in the markets, and in places like India I tend to shut down a bit when getting inundated with people trying to hawk their wares (especially when nearly everything looks the same from shop to shop to shop).

So that’s why I enjoyed the walk through Delhi‘s smaller food and vegetable markets. Foods are always more colorful, and even if I can’t simply buy one and bite into it, the watermelons, tomatoes and carrots all look amazing and mouth-watering. And, as the shop-keepers prepare the foods, like picture above, they don’t mind have a photograph snapped of them along the way.

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