Caterpillar on the Move

One of the marque items while exploring the Galapagos Islands is how docile the wildlife is. Most of the animals have no predators, so it is possible to get closer to the animals without them running away.

A lot closer to the animals.

While swimming near shore, an adult sea lion swam up and started to play around with me. The next day, a sea lion jumped up onto the back my my kayak and hitched a ride. It really is an incredible experience and I strongly encourage everyone to plan some time and set aside some money to go.

While exploring the fabled Galapagos Islands, it is easy to focus so much on the big-ticket items — century-old turtles, sea lions, sting rays, etc. — that it’s easy to forget about the smaller things. The caterpillar picture above is just wandering across the land. While hiking on one of the islands I saw him down by my feet and crouched down for a closer look.

He’s extremely colorful and I’m glad I was able to take pictures of him instead of unknowingly squish him beneath my feet.

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