Jumeirah Beach Hotel

This is the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai in the United Arab Emerirates. It is located directly on the beach and has an unobstructed view of the Burl al Arab Hotel (the world’s only seven-star hotel).

The thing I enjoy the most about this picture isn’t the view of the hotel or where it was taken or a memory it triggers. I enjoy the color of skin on the woman in the bottom-right corner of the picture. She’s bright red from enjoying the beach a bit too much.

I’ve been sunburned pretty bad before, but it was nothing like she has. Mine was in Bali and I was a little rosy leaving the beach. Her sunburn is completely covering her backside and she’ll sleep miserably for the next few nights.

In reality, I really only laugh because I’ve been in her boat before, and this time I’m glad it’s not me.

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