Overlooking the Valley of Fire

In the Valley of Fire State Park, there are a variety of different rock colors and formations. Not far from the main road, towards the back-end of the park, is the “Fire Wave.”

It’s not nearly as spectacular as the stunning wave located on the Utah/Arizona border, but it is spectacular none-the-less. The park’s entrance is located about an hour from Las Vegas, Nevada, and even then, one has to drive another half-an-hour into the park before the scenery gets good.

For this picture, I set the camera on a tripod and then brought with me the tiny remote control to trip the shutter. Yes, I am my own model in this picture. I have about a dozen pictures of myself here, ranging from jumping up in the air to “sitting in reflection.” Additionally, I have a few pictures with no one in the shot, but I like the inclusion of a person to help show the sheer size of the wave.

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