Setting Sun Over Curno Italy

Curno, Italy is a funny little town. It sits next to historical Bergamo in Northern Italy. Bergamo, because of its conservative nature, frowned upon shopping malls, multi-plex movie theaters and general big-city things. The city government of Curno said “Hey, over here!” and the building boom began.

By comparison, Milan (located about 30 miles/45km) to the southwest has 1.3 million people in the city itself, while Bergamo has 120,000 residents and tiny little Curno has 7,500.

While Curno has seen an influx of residents and shopping malls and such, it still manages to keep its small-town Italian charm with, among other things, the foothills of the Alps a short bit away. In the above picture, from the balcony of where my wife and I were staying, the sun sets on another day in this charmingly small Italian town.

Charming small Italian town with shopping malls.

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