Young Woman Under Prayer Flags

Climbing to the Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan was a fantastic experience. The higher we’d climb in the mountains the less tourists we saw and the more spiritual it became.

Our guide was a delightful young twenty-something woman who had been up and down these mountains several times, and has done it all with a great deal of patience. She had told us some treks involved scampering up the mountain trail as fast as the she could go, and other times she would spend all day climbing only to reach the lowest observation deck. She would trek at her clients’ pace, so we were proud we were able to keep up with her experience and energy.

As we approached the Tiger’s Nest, the prayer flags blowing in the wind became more and more abundant. With the next turn revealing the holy site, our guide stopped to wait for my wife and I so we could experience our first viewing together. With my wife only a few steps behind me, I saw our guide quietly standing under the prayer flags enjoying the fresh air of the cool mountain breeze.

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