This is Drew Moling. At the time this picture was taken, he was a freshman at Ohio State University preparing for the 2012 Big Ten Gymnastics Championships in Iowa City, Iowa.

What impresses me is the hours of dedication athletes like young Mr. Moling put in to achieve success with their craft. In Drew’s case, it was quietly practicing with his coaches the morning of the tournament. With no one else around, he’d take off running at the spring board and vault high into the air. He and his coaches would see what could be adjusted and then he’d give it another go. For quite some time he’d run and jump, then gather ’round to look at an iPhone movie of his recent efforts.

With the Olympic games currently going on in London, I can’t begin to imagine the amount of hours, sacrifice, energy and effort put forth in the early and late hours of the day — long before anyone else arrives or long after they’ve left — from the different athletes in hopes of one day making it to the Olympics.

With Drew Moling, I don’t know if he was shooting for the Olympics, a scholarship, or first place on that particular day, but whatever the case, quietly with his coaches, he came in extremely early to fine tune his craft with no one else around.

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