Tight Corner

As a kid I would always use my Legos to build racetracks and would then spend days racing my Matchbox cars around on them. Sometimes I’d use the road plates from my Legos as a racing circuit and other times I’d use the Lego blocks as hay bales to make an off road course. Either way, my small little self would spend hours racing small cars and trucks around on a small track. I never really grew out of that phase, apparently, so last night I hauled down to Joliet, Illinois for the TRAXXAS TORC Off-Road Series race at the Route 66 Raceway.

For three hours various classes of cars and trucks raced around the dirt track launching off of jumps, bouncing off of each other and battling it out for trophies, points and cash prizes. Travis Pastrana (the U.S.-born racing phenom) flew in to give his driving skills a test and, not-surprisingly, finished second in his race.

It was a fun night with good, hard racing (as Mark Jenkins (25) and Scott Douglas (7), pictured above, can attest). My seven year-old self would be proud that I’m still making my way to occasional off-road races, even as a thirty-two year-old.

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