Half Moon in the Night Sky

Last week I was driving along the highway shortly after midnight and looked to the east as the moon peaked over the horizon. Earth’s natural satellite looked enormous in the night sky, so I took the next exit and drove about a mile off of the highway to photograph it.

I’m surprised how quickly the moon (and sun) move in the sky. When standing outside and looking directly at it, the moon doesn’t move very much. The closer one looks the more noticeable the movement.  When framed inside my camera’s lens, every minute or so I’d have to change my composition to keep the moon in the frame.

By the way, the above image is heavily cropped. I don’t have one of those crazy big lenses to zoom all the way in to explore the moon. Once I got home and downloaded the images into the computer, it’s fun to blow up the moon’s image and look at the surface and all the craters.

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