Colorful Floats of Carnival

Brazil’s Carnival parades in the Sambódromo maybe aren’t what you’d expect. They aren’t full of firefighters and politicians, and it certainly isn’t like anything the Pixar film “Rio” depicted. Each Samba school gets 90 minutes to perform and they take up their entire time slot using dozens of elaborate floats and thousands of volunteers dancing their way down the nearly half-mile (700m) stretch of street.

The colors of the floats are mesmerizing, as are the stories they depict. We were fortunate to be going the night of the two biggest schools performing and at about four o’clock in the morning, exhausted, we made our way back towards our hotel. The parade would last three more hours with two more schools parading.

In the above picture, members of the Imperatriz samba school perform at the Sambódromo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during the 2011 Carnival celebration.

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