Enjoying a Snack Overlooking the Taj Mahal

No trip to India is complete without a stop in Agra to see the Taj Mahal.

Before heading to bed for an early sunrise trip to the world’s most profound symbol of love, my wife and I stopped for a beer at a rooftop restaurant to grab a drink while watching the sun set over the rooftops of Agra, India.

The actual trip to the Taj Mahal didn’t impress me much. What did impress me was the way life functions every day around one of the world’s most famous structures, but with a “ho hum” type of attitude.

Just beyond the walls of the Taj Mahal are people living in squalor huts getting by on whatever they can; a few days ago I posted an entry about a gentlemen slowing rowing paying customers back-and-forth across the river; a young boy peddled next to my wife and I practicing his English before waving goodbye and peddling away (no, he didn’t try to sell us anything or encourage us to get a “free” map).

It’s interesting to me that, no matter how far away from home a person can get, that location is still “home” for somebody else. The guy dropping off beers at our table at the restaurant pictured above has one of the greatest “corner office views” in the world, and yet to him, its just a job.

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