The Cold Blast of Summer Fun

I’m on Instagram and periodically post an image or two (you’ll find me on the site as @kjkettnerphoto). Like Facebook, Twitter and every other social network site, you can follow people just like they can follow you. One of the people I follow on Instagram is the Chicago Tribune.

Occasionally the Tribune will post a photo challenge ranging from “show us your best food pics” to “what does the month of June mean to you?” Simple stuff, really, but it’s a nice opportunity to get the creative juices flowing and get a loose theme for image-making.

Since the weather was going to be right around 100 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday, the Tribune wanted to see “hot weather photos” throughout the day. So, at the height of the scorching heat, I jumped into my car and took off to find an image of summer heat that has always been ingrained in my memory.

A few years back I was covering a Chicago White Sox game and on my lunch break (two hours before the game) stumbled upon a bunch of kids playing in the water of an open fire hydrant. So, my goal was to head towards the same neighborhood and maybe find some more kids playing in a the water of an open hydrant.

Once I got off the expressway, it took all of ten minutes to find what I was looking for, and amusingly, it was a mere block and a half from where I last saw it two or three years ago.

I spent just over a half-an-hour taking pictures of the kids running and playing in the water. I didn’t waste much time before I pleasantly stood in the water myself to take pictures. At the hottest part of the day, the water was cool and refreshing.

By the way, it is never recommended to open up a fire hydrant. As a matter of fact, I think it’s against the law for unauthorized people to do so. Watching the news last night, viewers were encouraged to call the police if they see someone opening a hydrant. Good to know now, I guess.

Also, there are a few additional pictures posted on my Facebook page. ¬†Feel free to wander over and click around for a bit. Perhaps while you’re there, give the page a “Like,” won’t you?

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