John Hancock Standing Tall

This so wasn’t the blog image I was planning on posting today.

This week’s self-impose theme was to take a random image and write up the story behind it. From slowly rowing across the Yamuna River to stumbling across a car accident, my goal was to really go into deep detail about an image that may not be too impressive.

However, as I was writing the blog post for today’s image, it ended up becoming quite the long batch of text. Similar to last time, I pulled the photoblog in hopes of selling it to a travel magazine. (You can read the blog post from the last time it happened on the Vagabundo Magazine website by clicking here.) So, in a few months, hopefully I’ll post the link to an article on the aforementioned website about traveling through the mountains of Bhutan.

In the meantime, very much not the Himalayas, today’s blog post is an image of one of the greatest skylines in the world.

(6913) 0612.

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