Slowly Rowing Across the Yamuna River

In Agra, my wife and I stayed near the Taj Mahal and made every effort to see the symbol of love as much as we could (sunrise, sunset and at night under the full moon).

One of the days as the sun was getting low in the sky, we walked to the backside of the Taj Mahal to watch the sunset. While we were waiting, we watched as a man in a boat slowly took passengers across the river to the beach on the opposite side. He’d let some off, and new passengers would hop on. It took a bit of time, but no one was upset it took awhile, and he just quietly kept rowing.

For US$4 the man agreed to take the two of us across the river and back again. It was a peaceful ride and one of my favorite experiences from India.

Upon reaching the opposite side of the river, there was a child playing along the banks and a man waiting to hitch a ride across. He jumped in the boat, paid his money and stood at the bow while chatting with the man doing all the work at the stern.

It was a fantastic slice of local life in India and the view was spectacular as well.

Random fun fact: My favorite image taken in India was captured on this boat ride. It’s the first image in the India Gallery of the Taj Mahal reflecting in the water. 

(1991) 0312.

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