Generating Power Under the Night Sky

Growing up in Wisconsin we had two enormous wind turbines not far from the house. They quietly stood on top of a small hill next to the expressway churning out electricity. As the years passed more and more wind turbines popped up, until there are now nearly 50 in the area I grew up.

Many of the giant wind mills have a red light on top and they’ll blink simultaneously with other nearby wind mills. Other times, because there are so many turbines, a few will have the red beacons turned off as not to send the local residents in complete disarray with all of the blinking lights.

I’ve been meaning to get over to one of them on a pleasant day and I did just that this past week. However, as I was snapping a few images of the wind turbine in the sun, I thought it’d be fun to come back at night and shoot some under the stars.

So Tuesday night, leaving the house at 10:30PM, my brother and I made our way to a wind mill I had already checked out earlier in the day (I wanted one not moving and off on a quiet road as to not have ambient light from passing cars showing up in the pictures).

This is one of the pictures taken that night. I’m surprised how peaceful and quiet the night was, and how slightly creepy the wind mill was as it ever-so-slightly turned itself around.

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