Lobby of the Burj al Arab Hotel

In an earlier blog entry, I wrote about the opulence inside the world’s only seven-star hotel, the Burj al Arab, located in the United Arab Emirates. This picture is another example of the building’s exquisite design.

After getting cleared at the security gate, crossing over the private bridge and exiting our taxi in front of five mint Rolls Royces, my wife and I walked through the hotel’s lobby doors and entered a world of $2,000 a night hotel rooms. We were approached immediately by a well-dressed and attractive young woman from the staff to ask how she could help us. We explained we had tea reservations and arrived early in hopes of taking a few pictures of the beautiful hotel.  In keeping with the staff’s efforts to be extremely accommodating, she encouraged us to take all the pictures we wanted.

I am not an architectural photographer, but even I had a blast taking pictures of the beautiful decor.

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