Leopard on the Prowl

This is Nottens. She’s a female leopard and we stumbled upon her while she was out in search of dinner on our game drive in South Africa.

Rumbling through the African bush, we spooked a small animal that Nottens was getting in position to pounce on for dinner.  The small animal darted away, and Nottens set out in search another meal.  Our guide, Trevor, knew a clearing ahead, which Nottens was most likely headed to, and we raced ahead to see what would unfold.

In front of us, the leopard slowly crept towards a group of idle impalas (the deer-like animal, not the car) and waited for her chance.  As the impalas began to move, some headed straight into the waiting ambush.  In what seemed like a fraction of a second, Nottens had brought down an impala with a single swipe of her paw.

It was finally time for her dinner.

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