Monkey Enjoying a Banana

When we travel, if there is a “monkey temple” nearby, we’ll make our way to it.  So hearing of one near Jaipur, India, my wife and I hired a car and took off in an attempt to explore the ancient temple before the sun set too low.

The journey to Galta Temple involved a lot of twists-and-turns on the narrow roadway, then our driver stopping and motioning for us to walk the rest of the way.  We hiked through the small temples in the (what I can only describe as) tiny village. The village reminded me a lot of Petra, Jordan with it’s high pink rock walls and two story buildings built right up against the cliffs (in Petra, however, the temples are built *into* the rock wall).

As we walked through the village and approached the temple, I took the above picture of the first little monkey we saw.  He was enjoying a couple of bananas, presumably leftover from a previous tourist.

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    […] arrival, our first monkey-friend was sitting on the steps to the temple’s entrance enjoying a banana. In the distance, we could hear locals pray in song, and the echoes of various monkeys resonated […]