Inside the Burj Al Arab Hotel

Located in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is the Burj Al Arab hotel.  The hotel boasts its rating as the only “seven star hotel in the world,” but since hotel ratings only go up to five, it’s just a self-proclaimed title.  What you need to know is it’s a fancy place.  Reeeeeally fancy place.

The Burj Al Arab hotel sits on reclaimed land in the ocean and has a private bridge connecting the property to the mainland.  At the start of the private bridge, security is heavily controlled and only those with reservations may enter. Knowing this, Alisha found we could still enter by making “afternoon tea” or “cocktail hour” reservations.  (Those, too, are pricey, but far cheaper than the $2,000 per night for a room.)

We decided to show up a bit earlier than our afternoon tea reservation so we could wander around the hotel to see what opulence looks like.  For as nice as the staff was, as clean as the facility was and as comfortable as the hotel is, I can understand the four-digit price-tag per night.  I just can’t afford the four-digit price-tag per night.

So today’s picture is looking directly up from the second floor of the seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel.  Out of context it’s a crazy looking tunnel that reminds of something I’d see in a space movie (in the Middle East Gallery is a black and white version that’s really space movie-like). Having been there and viewed things first hand, it’s no space movie set, it’s sheer opulence.

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