Early Morning Balinese Pride

This guy was really, really proud of what he’d just accomplished.

Waking up early to watch the fishermen head out to sea in Bali, Indonesia, Alisha and I strolled down the beach as the sun rose in the sky.  Most of the boats had left before we woke up, but there were always a few coming and going as we made our way down to the fish market.

Most of these types of fishing boats sometimes use three, four or five men pushing them off of the beach and into the ocean.  The large pieces of wood jutting out to the side are great to keep the small boats from turning over while at sea, but add a lot of extra weight getting them on and off the beach.

As we approached this particular boat, the pilot and his buddy began to shove off into the ocean from ten or fifteen meters up on the beach.  As the water got deeper, the pink-striped guy jumped in, while the other one finished pushing.

With a final burst of energy, he got his friend out into the ocean and on his way.  Knowing us two tourists were strolling by as this unfolded, the gentleman paused and posed for the camera as if to say “Most boats use five guys; I can do it myself.”

October 2010. (6361)

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