White Domes Slot Canyon

This picture falls under the category of “Good Idea, Bad Execution.”

While making plans to visit Las Vegas, I decided to make a trip to a nearby state park and explore some of the canyons surrounding the area.

At the end of one of the scenic drive within the Valley of Fire State Park is the White Domes Loop Trail.  The 1.25 mile hike is fairly popular and extremely colorful. There are beautiful patterns all along the journey and the trail winds through a short slot canyon.  The walls of the canyon feature an intricate “Swiss cheese” texture which were impressive in their own right, but even more-so since I was experiencing them alone on a weekday, without any other tourists around.

That’s where the aforementioned “Good Idea, Bad Execution” comes in.

I decided to make my journey through the park alone and without water. I realized early I had become dehydrated, but by then it was too late to do anything.  I spent the rest of the trip attempting to stay in the shadow of the rocks and avoid thinking about it. For the most part, the White Domes Loop Trail is well-marked, but as one can expect in an area that flash-floods when it rains, some signs and markers weren’t easy to spot.

So there I was dehydrated in the middle of the desert, roasting at 80 degrees in the hot sun, long since without water and unsure of whether I sure turn left or forge straight ahead.

In the middle of everything, I chuckled to myself because it reminded me of the time I went to Gary, Indiana solo to shoot some abandoned buildings. Wandering around crumbling buildings may not have been the best thing to do by myself, either, but at least I had water on that trip.

June 2011. (0575)

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