Three Brightly-Colored Tulips

In early 2011 we had a fairly definitive springtime.  The weather patterns did what they normally do and towards the the middle-to-end of April we had a bunch of pleasantly sunny and warm days.

In 2012, on the other hand, things got crazy.  Our winter was nearly non-existant and our spring came early.  Very early.  We had something like ten days in a row where Chicago broke the high temperature mark in March.

As a result of the crazy weather patterns, this year’s spring is a little aloof.  Since it was so nice so early, many plants and trees are in danger of losing their buds should we get a frost.  Additionally, the flowers are all coming up at random times, so when the weather gets nicer and spring actually arrives, I’ll be curious to see what, if anything, still pops up.

May 2012. (9171)

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