Night Game at Wrigley Field

A new baseball season brings so much anticipation and excitement. Up until this point, the slate is clean and hope springs anew.

Oftentimes, because of my job and living in the city of Chicago, I’m asked who do I like better: the Cubs or the Sox? Truth be told, I like both teams a lot.

While I think the American League is more difficult because of the designated hitter, I like that pitchers have to bat in the National League, making it more of a “team” thing (besides, if you get a pitcher who can hit, it becomes another threat to the opponent).

In the end, I just look for quick games.  The Cubs and Sox have the ability to draw out some excruciatingly long games, and Major League Baseball never bothers enforcing the “12 seconds between pitches” rule.

As for the above image, obviously, I took this picture of Wrigley Field at night.  I remember it being one of those blazing hot summer nights and I rode my bike to the ballpark. Carrying my photo gear while peddling through Chicago’s streets was a pain in the butt, and I was a sweaty hot mess by the time my image-making was completed. However, some friends called as I was wrapping up and it was nice to enjoy some frosty, cold beverages with them.

The hotter summer nights get, the better tasting a bucket of beer can be.

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