Clean Sensors and Bright Sky

This is a very exciting photograph for me.

For quite some time now, I’ve been operating my camera with debris on my camera’s sensor.  Basically, every time I take a picture, there is a tiny black blob on the image. (In this picture, the blob would be in the sky, slightly above the red water tower.) It’s relatively faint and easy to hide, but it’s also a pain in the ass.  Most of the time I can easily remove it, but I knew the day would eventually come that I couldn’t make it disappear.

However, last week I dropped my camera off for a deep cleaning.

Among other things, my camera has been through a sandstorm in Namibia and  India’s Holi Fest.  It has earned a deep cleaning.

So this picture was really a test picture.  The camera and lens were cleaned, and I just wanted to make sure everything is running at one hundred percent, which is good because Spring and Summer are fast approaching, and I have great plans about getting out and capturing some images.

March 2012. (2922)

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