Las Vegas Night Lights

In 2011 we celebrated my friends’ 30th birthday in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately for me, my flight home was canceled because there was a maintenance issue with the plane.  The next available flight out was the following morning, so I checked into an airline-provided hotel and immediately left to wander around and take pictures of Vegas at night.

The lights of Vegas will never cease to amaze me.  (Even the McDonald’s has a fancy flashing neon light in an attempt to attract attention.)

Later this year I’ll have another chance to shoot more images of Las Vegas.  On the 2011 trip to Vegas, I took an airline “bump” and received a $400 voucher for an upcoming flight.  That voucher was just cashed in for a trip to, of all places, Las Vegas, for my previously mentioned friend’s bachelor party.

June 2011. (0924)

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