Two Minutes to Tip-Off

This is an image taken earlier this week in Champaign, Illinois.

My original intent was to do a time-lapse of the game, but it didn’t work out as well as I was hoping.  (For what it’s worth, on Saturday I tried a time-lapse at a previous basketball game and didn’t even “start” the damn thing. Whoops!) From the second attempt in Champaign, however, I did capture a few frames I did like. The picture above is one of the few.

The only issue I have, however, is that blurry line between setting the camera on “auto” and walking away for four hours, and sitting behind the eye-piece and waiting for just the right moment.  Sure, there is an argument about “seeing the vision,” but at the end of the day, this is just a picture I got lucky with.  (Yes, I got lucky with other pictures — like the lightning picture in the portfolio page — but this is a different type of lucky, I feel.)

This picture would also be helped out a bit if the University of Illinois fans and students came out to support their women’s basketball team once in awhile, too.

February 2012. (2421)

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