Great Wall of China

We arrived at the Great Wall of China pretty much as soon as it was available to tourists.  It was nice because Alisha and I were the only two people around for quite some time.  Sure, there were others, but everyone kind of spread out and did their own thing, leaving a vast distance in between us and the next people.

In addition to being quiet the first part of the morning, the sky was clear and there was decent visibility.  We could see the Great Wall snake off into the distance.  Much like the crowds and tour busses slowly growing throughout the morning, so did the weather.  Eventually, as we were preparing to leave, both the crowds were deplorable and the weather had turned foul; visibility was far more limited than earlier.

By the time we took the trail down to meet our driver, it had started to rain.  After warming up with some tea, we headed to the car and it turned to a solid downpour.

It was nice that we could get some quiet time on the Great Wall of China, before the crowds swarmed, and it was an added bonus to get the weather to cooperate as well.

October 2010. (4718)

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